Self Discovery Coach For Teens

I help stressed out teens tap into their inner wisdom, step into confidence and discover their full potential…

Nurturing the inner child while supporting the new adult.

Through co-creative communication, I offer a fresh perspective and tools to help your well-deserving teen feel seen and heard.

How Is Your Teen Doing?

Is your teen struggling right now? Are they overwhelmed by things happening in the world that feel out of their control? Is your teen stressed and struggling with time management, saying they have too much homework and not enough time to get it all done? If your teen feels uncertain about their place in the world, is struggling with anxiety, motivation or social media, they’re not alone.

As a parent you might be feeling scared because you don’t know how to help, or noticing your teen ‘tuning you out’ and pulling away from you. You might be missing the deeper connection you once had with them, and feel frustrated or lost about what to do or how to help.

“Don’t compare your path to anyone else’s…your path is unique to you.”

-Ram Dass

Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it.

“I’ve been talking with Jen for a couple of months now and she has made me feel so much more comfortable with my feelings and thoughts. She is an awesome listener and problem solver, and always knows what to say. Jen is a kindhearted and funny person who I consider a friend as well as a teacher. I feel more open about myself and look forward to seeing her every week even if it’s just over zoom.” -Naomi M.

Help Your Teen Step In and Discover Who They Are…

Together we’ll use curious questioning and co-creative conversation to allow your teen to feel seen and heard. When we give teens permission to be authentic and empower them in making healthy choices on their own, they begin to feel more safe and confident to step into themselves.

“As a parent, I’m so incredibly grateful for the support Jen gives my daughter every week. Sometimes, I feel powerless when navigating the challenges of adolescence, and Jen offers support in a way that deeply connects with and bolsters my teen. She honors and respects her individuality, and communicates in a way that makes her feel seen, understood, and inspired.

Jen has given her amazing tools that she can use in her daily life, and my daughter always comes away feeling lighter and brighter after her coaching sessions. Truly life-changing for our family!”

~ Aleyah S.

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Being a teen is challenging. I remember what it’s like. Sometimes getting help from someone who’s not a parent, teacher, or peer gives them the space to feel more comfortable exploring who they are.


I currently offer one-on-one coaching by Zoom, workshops on specific teen-related topics, and group circles where teens can get real and feel supported by each other. I believe that connection with nature is critical for teens, and plan to offer outdoor adventure opportunities soon, too, so stay tuned for updates.

“Just show up exactly how you are…”

In our sessions I hold a completely safe and respectful space for your teen to be themselves. Sometimes teens feel more relaxed and open with someone outside of their school or family, and I often hear from teens I work with how relieved they are not to feel the same pressure they feel when talking with a teacher or parent. It doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong-sometimes they just need an outside perspective!

I coach the whole person, not just the problem…

I believe your teen has the answers they need, and I guide them how to connect with their own inner wisdom. Anxiety, social media, lack of trust and motivation can all undermine their inner connection and cause your teen to feel uncertain.

By giving them easy to learn tools, and coming up with a plan that your teen helps to create, I show them they have the wisdom and ability to change direction when they need to.

The ABC’s to Relieving Stress Toolkit?

With this toolkit, you’re going to understand what stress is, learn to recognize how stress shows up for you, and have tools in your pocket to help you navigate stressful and overwhelming moments.

Get your downloadable PDF full of the in’s and out’s to stress relief AND 5 different videos guiding you through exercises to aid in easing stress and overwhelm.

“Jennifer is a surgical and creative listener. She has a way of spotting and exploring from your words and energy as you share your challenges. If you are honest and open in the sessions, she will show you that you already have the answer that you are seeking. It’s been empowering to have her as a coach, and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone.”

~ Joy C.